Photo by Ralph Selensky

Friday, October 1, 2010

Joe and Vernita are progressing


These two are coming along nicely. The cool weather snapped Joe and I into reality when we realized we didn't want to be outside painting in the snow, so we better get our butts in gear and wrap up this outdoor idea.  But the sun is shining on us again and easing our minds. We sit again today. I need to secure his hands and face more and then I'll feel more relaxed.

Vernita has changed her hair again, good lord. but she's so nice, I can't hold it against her too long.  I know the Lobby background isn't going to change at all so I'm much more relaxed about this one. It'll get done when it gets done. I finally feel comfortable with how her face is portrayed. I think she's a bit too sorrowful yet but that can always shift around, but it feels like her and it wasn't doing that before.

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