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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clem -Update

Clem sure is coming along.  It's great painting him right out in the hallway outside the studio, we get a ton of visitors.  Clem and I are really getting our shtick  down.  Since we hear people saying the same thing to us as they walk by, we get used to it and have to mix things up. 

Here's an example:
Passer by: "Wow, that looks just like him." (meaning Clem)
Clem: "That's too bad."

Passer by: "How long has he been sitting for this?"
Clem: "20 hours"
Passer by: "Wow. That's a long time. Do you take breaks?"
Me: "No, I staple his clothes to the chair and insert a feeding tube, but he likes it."

And then we laugh to each other about  the silly things people say.  Clem always says, "Well of course it looks like me, that's the point."  And I know what he means, you get weary of hearing the same thing said to you about a painting even though I know what people mean to say. I can't help but to hear it differently as time goes on.

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